GUSTS of 70mph felled more than 100 trees over the weekend creating chaotic scenes in gardens and roads across the conurbation.

One family were trapped in their home when a large tree fell across the front of their house in Braidley Road, Bournemouth, at 8pm on Friday.

Andy Castle, 33, was enjoying a Valentine’s evening with wife Fran, 31, and their three-month-old daughter Beatrice when they heard the tree come crashing down.

The tree smashed roof tiles and lay perched against the house blocking the front door with its branches pressed up against the windows.

Mr Castle said he called the council immediately and tree surgeons came out at 9pm and worked until 3am to remove the section of the tree which was pressing against the roof and restricting access to the door.

He added: “It sounded horrendous and Fran was very shaken up.

“It could have been a lot worse. Luckily no windows shattered and Beatrice was sleeping quietly at the back of the house.”

Nick Maidment, of Talbot Avenue, was lying in bed watching TV at 10pm on Friday when a large tree at the end of his garden fell and hit his house.

“There was a rumbling noise for about five seconds and I could feel the whole building move,” he said.

Mr Maidment added that council staff would be returning to make a further assessment of the damage today.

Bournemouth council teams worked through the night on Friday to clear the fallen trees and on Saturday a specialist tree team from Wiltshire lent a hand due to the situation.

Trees were reported down across Bournemouth, Poole, Verwood, West Moors and Christchurch.