POPULAR CBeebies presenter Chris Jarvis made a big impression when he visited a Bournemouth primary school.

Delighted pupils at Elm Academy were given a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes in kids’ favourite Show Me Show Me.

Older pupils at neighbouring LeAF Studio Stage and Screen also got to meet him to build on their acting and dancing skills.

Chris gave a talk, followed by a question and answer session.

He said: “It is always great to visit our local schools and yesterday it was an honour to visit the fantastic Elm Academy. The children were interested to hear what I had to say about TV. “With media becoming more diverse, affecting our lives in so many different ways, it was fascinating to hear from the next generation. The majority of the assembled youngsters had already created their own videos, some had made animations. “Bournemouth is buzzing with lots of new digital and media businesses so they will be pleased to hear how keen the locals are to be involved."

Chris Jarvis’s visit was part of the Elm Academy’s Going for Goals scheme, in which the children are being taught that a great deal can be achieved through hard work, determination and high aspirations.

Head Helen Janda said: “Chris was a huge hit with the children, they were totally immersed and engaged with his fascinating insight into making TV.”