THE burst sewer which is causing traffic chaos in Hamworthy, Poole, is unlikely to be repaired this week.

Complications and the close proximity of a gas main has meant the 40 metre section of the main Blandford Road is likely to be closed until early next week.

The highway was closed a week ago today between Turlin Moor and Allens Lane, causing near-gridlock at peak times on the main road, while buses have had to be re-routed.

“It’s becoming a bugbear,” said Turlin Moor resident Julie Bagwell.

Residents of the estate can turn right and head towards Poole, but cannot turn left towards Upton.

“People are frustrated, as they were the first time,” she said.

“A collapsed storm sewer caused a four-day closure of the road in November 2012 and in May that year a water main in the road had burst twice in three weeks in the same place.

“The pipes were laid at the same time, to me it’s logical to have made sure of the sewage pipe then.”

She added: “It must be a nightmare for people having to drop off children at different schools.”

Today Southern Gas Network is due to shut off a gas main close to the sewer.

Residents should not be affected as the supply will be re-routed and sewage will continue to be taken away by tanker.

Wessex Water’s sewerage services manager Andy Gale said: “Repairs are progressing well despite the poor ground conditions.

“We are now waiting for a high-pressurised gas main, that runs parallel to our sewer, to be moved before we can continue with repairs.

“Staff will continue to work 24 hours a day to get the work completed as quickly as possible.”

He added: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience this work is causing and remind people that businesses are open as usual.”

However Upton is “very quiet” said Cllr Fred Drane. “And now Wessex Water has put up enough signs on the double roundabout, lorries are not going down Blandford Road and having to turn back.”

Around 500 residents are being kept up to date by Wessex Water by text message and there are updates on the company’s website.