RESIDENTS of a Sandbanks road were shocked to find a three foot hole ripped open the road after a sewer collapsed.

The gaping hole on Chaddesley Glen appeared this morning and is around four foot wide and four and a half foot deep.

Engineers from Wessex Water were on the scene investigating why the hole had appeared and if the sewer had collapsed.

A spokesperson for Wessex Water has now confirmed that a sewer has collapsed beneath the road.

The Borough of Poole council closed the road after reports of the hole so engineers could assess the damage.

This comes after trees were ripped down by the wind two nights earlier.

Chaddesley Glen residents Trish and John Adams were assessing the damage on their road. Mrs Adams said: “I just can’t believe the force of the weather the last few days.

“The sea has been so powerful – I’ve never seen it so horrendous."

The Borough of Poole has closed Chaddesley Glen to traffic near Little Fosters.

Residents are able to gain access to their homes however there is no through access to the road off Haven Road.

The road is likely to be closed until the middle of next week.