CHINESE New Year was celebrated by youngsters at Talbot House School on Friday with a display of music and dance.

The school, in Talbot Park, ushered in the Year of the Horse with a display of peacock dancing and music from a guzheng, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument.

The event was organised by school mum Xu Tao Wong, and in preparation the lower school pupils studied Chinese culture all week.

Reception teacher Lea Pay said: “It was an absolutely amazing afternoon and the children were mesmerised, particularly by the peacock dancing, which was done by a little girl from a different school.

“It is wonderful to have parents at the school who are keen to get involved like this, the children learn so much more when they are able to see things first hand rather than just relying on books and paper.

“They have been studying Chinese New Year this week – some of them in quite a lot of detail – and making Chinese lanterns and traditional dress.

“It is all about making them aware of other people’s beliefs and cultures around the world.”