YEAR 10 pupil Sol Kay, 14, said: “This school has fully changed since I started here in Year 7. People feel more comfortable in the school and feel more like they want to learn. The teachers are a lot better now.”

SKYE Higgs, 15, is in Year 10 and is a member of the Student Council. She said: “I prefer it here to when I started. It has been so much better since the new buildings were finished and it is good that we now have a sixth form.”

DIRECTOR of Teaching, Rachel Bennett, said: “My role is to ensure that the quality of teaching is the best that it can be. We work with the students to find out how to deliver the very best learning for them. We understand teenage years are difficult and know our students well.”

JONATHAN Perkins, Performance and Participation Co-ordinator, said: “Our students work with the whole community which is important in their development. We want them to be positive role models in the wider community.”

PARENT Linda Bennett has a son in Year 9 and has just been nominated as chair of the Parent Voice Team. She said: “I want to be involved in my child's education and take pride in the school and every effort is made here to ensure there is good communication.”