A MANUFACTURER has unveiled a new gearbox designed especially for golf trolleys.

And after developing the product, Bournemouth-based Parvalux put it through a test that involved simulating 250 rounds of golf.

Parvalux technical director Martin Pennock said: “We recognised that a universally mounted gearbox would benefit our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) customers, who wish to retrofit existing golf trolleys on the market.

The GB41 is also available in low volume for fast turnaround from our Parvalux Service Centre.”

The GB41 gearbox has mounting holes located to ensure it can be retrofitted to any golf trolley on the UK market.

It was created by Parvalux’s in-house product design and development facility, which consists of 17 engineers who design bespoke motors for a range of industry segments.

The application engineers at Parvalux’s test facility carried out an ‘accelerated life’ test on the GB41, using a golf trolley test rig.

An electromagnetic particle break was used to apply a variable load on the product, replicating the steep slopes of a typical golf course.

The rig performs 4,000 cycles on the gearbox, simulating 250 rounds of golf.

Parvalux, based at Wallisdown Road, is the UK’s largest manufacturer of small-geared motors, with 18 million of its geared motors installed around the world.

It was founded in Romford by Leslie J Clark, who began selling motor rewinds in 1947.

The company relocated to Bournemouth in 1957 and moved from re-winding motors to designing and manufacturing complete gear-motor units for industry. It is part of the Clark Group under chief executive Steven Clark.