THE mum of Hollywood superstar and former Bournemouth schoolboy, Christian Bale, is hoping for a reunion as her son stands on the brink of Oscar glory.

Jenny Bale, 66, has not had any contact with Christian since she and his sister Sharon had a heated argument and fell out with him on the eve of his Dark Knight premiere in 2008.

The star, who has recently been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in American Hustle, celebrated his 40th birthday on Thursday, January 30, but his mum says they still haven’t spoken.

She said: “I’ve sent him lots of emails and a Happy Birthday card, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

“Obviously it would be really lovely to get back into contact with him as it has been so long.”

He transformed himself to play the role of consummate swindler Irving Rosenfeld, inspired by real-life con man Melvin Weinberg in the American crime-comedy film.

Jenny went to see the film, which sees two beauties fighting over her son, at a cinema in Bournemouth and said: “I thought it was a really good film. I always go to see his films.”

Bale’s big break came at 12 years old when he starred in Steven Spielberg epic Empire Of The Sun whilst he was still attending Bournemouth School.

He has since gained critical acclaim for his role as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and his Oscar-winning portrayal of boxing trainer Dickie Eklund in The Fighter.

Former Bournemouth School pupil and fellow actor Matthew Jure has revealed that Christian’s hard work ethic and talent for acting were evident from an early age at school.

He said: “I was two years ahead of Christian at school and he was already doing screen work whilst I was still acting in the school plays.

“We could not believe it when the word got round that he was starring in Steven Spielberg’s next film. I think at first people thought he was a fantasist, but it soon became apparent that he was telling the truth.”