A FREIGHT company from Poole helped get a container of aid to Jordan as part of the Syrian relief campaign.

John Pipe International provided its services free to the cause, finding storage space before departure and advising on shipment documentation so as to minimise costs.

The aid was donated by people from along the south coast and consisted of children’s clothes, toys and bedding. It will go through the port of Aqaba and on to the refugee camps east of Jordan.

The mission was initiated by Jordan resident Jasmine Lakey, daughter of retired local architect Iain Lamey, and their friends.

Jasmine said: “We felt that we had to do something to help the vast numbers of refugees pouring over the border from Syria, some with very young children. Recently the cold weather has become an acute problem for these unfortunate displaced people. We were amazed at the generosity of our friends, neighbours and our fellow members at Parkstone Yacht Club, who have worked so hard to make this possible.”

John Pipe International, of Ringwood Road, also annually moves aid to Maputo Hospital, Harare in Zimbabwe with donations from the local area providing the necessary packing case and keeping costs as low as possible.

For information, visit the Facebook page SOS – Shipping Offerings for Syrians.