SIX-YEAR-OLD Tom Pendlebury is in Year 2. He said: “I really like the teachers at this school because they are fun. I like playing on the train in the playground and drawing pictures. I have been writing some new books for the other children to read.”

ELLIA Pope, five, is in Year 1. She said: “I like drawing and I do a lot of reading and writing. I have got lots of friends to play games with outside and I have been building with blocks in the classroom.”

SOPHIE Flood has a daughter in Year 2. She said: “As a parent I feel very involved in my child’s education and I am kept well-informed about the topics and learning. My daughter thoroughly enjoys school and loves going every morning.”

MOTHER-OF-THREE Sarah Adams said: “My children are all very different and this school copes very well with the needs of every child. The communication and organisation here are good and the team of staff speak with one voice.”

TEACHER Carol Johnson has been at the school for 25 years. She said: “I love it. I work with amazing colleagues and there is a strong team ethos right across the school. It has a real community feel about it. The parents are terrific and the children are great.”

TEACHER and learning leader Emma Biddle said: “It is a fantastic school and we love the children – they come first. Personalised learning is very important here because every child is different. We are flexible and have a can-do approach.”