SOUTHBOURNE on Sea Business Association has a new chair and a new structure.

Sam Acton, award-winning entrepreneur behind the company Domestic Angels, is to lead a new management team.

She follows Heather Martin, who led the association for three years and decided to step down as chair. The current management team had been working on a new management structure since Heather’s decision.

Sam Acton said: “We at Southbourne on Sea Business Association (SoSBA) are all so grateful for the hard work Heather has put in, the countless events delivered and for putting Southbourne firmly on the map.

“It is now time for a change of direction, as the role Heather has vacated has become too much for any one person, therefore a new strategy is needed.”

Tim Sharp of Collaborate Consultancy, who is responsible for developing the strategy, said: “The work and influence of SoSBA increased to a level where a specialised team were needed for it to move into its next chapter.

“The new management structure enables those with the required experience and commitment to drive forward the future strategy of SoSBA, whilst still receiving the valuable support and skills of the local business community to deliver it.

“I am excited by the opp-ortunities available to SoSBA, and with the high street and traders of Southbourne, support the potential to develop and enhance the unique offering that is Southbourne on Sea.”

The new management splits responsibility into several areas.

Communication is headed by Carlie O’Neill from Tanner & Tilley, aided by Connie Rothman of Southbourne Library and Zelda De Hollander or Studio Shotz photography.

Community and events are the responsibility of Chris Mayne, Nigel Taylor, Heather Drayton, Barbara Clark, Jacqui Rock and Heather Martyn and Ray Woodil from Sunrise Senior Living.

Tim Sharp is responsible for strategy, Clive Mace of the Grove Tavern for finance and Chris Kelu for council representation.

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