A LARGE section of the river bank at Riverlands and Tuckton has been fenced off due to damage caused from the recent floods.

Fencing will be in place along the River Stour near Tuckton Tea Gardens until it is certain that there is no danger to the public.

During this time there will be no access to the riverbank for people or dogs and access for some boat owners will be restricted.

Work will be undertaken this week to repair the riverbank. Officers have been inspecting the site on a daily basis to monitor the situation.

Councillor, David Smith, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, said: “We have experienced some very extreme weather recently and the damage to the riverbank is a result of this. We want to make sure that the many people who enjoy coming to this area of town remain safe which is why cordoning of this area is a must.

“Once we are certain that the riverbank is repaired and there is no danger to public safety the fencing will be removed.”