AS a child Sue Martin gathered her teddies round her toy blackboard and dreamed of one day being a teacher with her very own school.

That dream has just become a reality for Sue as she takes on the role of headteacher at St Martin’s School in Bournemouth.

“As far back as I can remember, from about the age of four, I wanted to teach,” said Sue.

“As an adult I’ve only ever taught and I still get a huge kick out of seeing children learn new things.”

Her awards include the National Teaching Awards Primary Teacher of the Year and the Primary Science Teaching Trust Science Teacher of the Year. Sue is relishing the opportunity to bring her brand of teaching to St Martin’s, a tiny independent school in Stokewood Road which currently sees nine out of 10 of its pupils offered grammar school places.

Both Sue’s grown-up daughters attended the school and now her three nieces are pupils there.

“St Martin’s is known as ‘the happy family school’ and it has certainly been an important part of our family life,” added Sue.

“It is so exciting for me to be involved because I know it already has this established record for traditional, high quality education.

“I want to preserve this strong foundation, whilst enhancing it and leading it forward into the future.”