A COUPLE have blasted supermarket bosses for refusing to pay for £2,500 worth of damage to their BMW convertible caused by five runaway shopping trolleys.

Andrew and Andrea Thomas were parked at the top car park of the Asda Bournemouth Superstore in stormy weather when five trolleys smashed into their sleek £18,500 car.

They came out of the store to see one had become wedged between the wall and front bumper and four others were jammed against the body of the car.

A manager from the shop came to assist them as the trolleys kept being blown back into the car causing further damage to the driver’s door, rear quarter and bonnet.

Andrew, who only bought the BMW E93 convertible six months ago said: “The car is my pride and joy and I have spent a fortune on it.

“The weather was absolutely terrible, there was howling wind and pouring rain and I think the trolleys must have been forcefully blown into my car.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Asda is refusing to pay the damages because they left the top car park open and did not secure the trolleys even though they knew there was a problem with the weather.”

Andrew, 49, and Andrea, 57, were on the way to their 27th anniversary meal on 23 December 2013 when they decided to pick up the last bits of shopping before Christmas at the Asda superstore.

He said: “My car has been very much ruined and there were at least another 40 cars on the top car park which could have suffered similar damage.”

A spokesperson from Asda said: “We take incidents of this nature very seriously and have conducted a full investigation. On this occasion we are confident that Asda is not at fault.