POLICE are still investigating an incident in which a man was driven half a mile through Southbourne on the bonnet of a car.

As the Daily Echo reported last week, the incident began when Paul Malin, a bartender at the Grove Tavern, saw a pensioner crash into his parked car.

When he ran out to stop the motorist, the 26-year-old bartender was hit by the car and carried along on the bonnet. He says he was punched in the face when the car stopped. A statement from Dorset Police said: “At 1.55pm on Wednesday, January 8, officers were called to an incident at The Grove Tavern along Southbourne Grove in Bournemouth.

“It was reported that a slight collision took place followed by an altercation between two men in which one of the people involved was on a bonnet of a car while the vehicle was moving. Officers are investigating to establish what exactly happened. No arrests have been made.”