A woman who went missing from Poole and sparked a huge search on New Year’s Day has been found safe and well in France.

Sabrina Boulenouar disappeared from her home in Upton and hundreds of acres were scoured by police and volunteers.

But the 33-year-old, who had been suffering personal problems, appears to have boarded a plane to Geneva and spent several days wandering around the Swiss city before crossing the border into France.

Her boyfriend, David Crago, told the Daily Echo: “She seems to have ended up in a hospital in France and her parents are on their way to collect her and take her back to their home in Paris.”

He added: “We are just so relieved that she is okay.

“We got a telephone call on Thursday night. When you don’t hear for a long time you fear the worst.”

Boatbuilder David, 32, said he planned to go Paris to be reunited with Sabrina.

“She has since told me that she has had some issues with pregnancy scares over the past years, which I didn’t know about, and said that she wanted to get away for a bit.

“But she has got a lot of support from me and members of her family, and her employers have also been fantastic.

“She also plans to write a letter thanking the emergency services for their time, in the search to find her. But the idea of the letter is just what she is like.

“She is just a lovely person.

“I think the message I want to give to people is just that if you are going through problems, just talk to someone else.

“I could not have got through this myself without being able to talk to my friends.”

David said it appeared Sabrina has been living on the streets for several days and at one point had lost her passport.

The search on January 1 was centred in and around Upton Country Park.

Dorset Search and Rescue Teams, Coastguards and the police were all involved.