AN academy in Canford Heath has confirmed its roof was leaking just days after council officers were given a tour of the new building project.

However contractors worked over the Christmas holidays and permanent repairs were made before term started on January 6.

Magna Academy Poole, based in Ashdown Close, which is owned by the Aspiration Academies Trust, hosted a tour on Tuesday, December 17, following the completion of the £15million works carried out by Borough of Poole.

Principal Richard Tutt showed council officials around the building, including cabinet member, Cllr Mike White, but it has now emerged that there were small leaks in the roof of the academy.

A spokesperson for the Academy, which opened in September, said: “The building works here at Magna Academy have been carried out by Borough of Poole and are now in their final stages, with final external works underway and minor issues being resolved.

“There have been some small leaks in the roof, but nothing major, and these have been rectified by the contractors quickly to enable the smooth operation of the academy to continue.

“It has not been disruptive to students and we have not had to shut off large areas of the academy building.”

Hugh Lambourne, senior property manager, Borough of Poole, said: “The leak appeared recently, and the roof has been performing well until now. The contractor, Balfour Beatty, liaised with the roofing company to ensure the issue was resolved as quickly as possible.

“The contractor is responsible for repairing the leak with minimal disruption to the school, and there will be no cost to either the council or the Academy.”