THIS CCTV captures the moment a bartender was driven along the streets of Southbourne on the bonnet of a man’s car.

Paul Malin, who is employed at the Grove Tavern, was working in the cellar of the pub on Wednesday when a customer spotted a pensioner crashing into his parked car.

After running out to try and stop the motorist driving away, the 26-year-old was struck by the vehicle – and was taken on a precarious half-mile ride to Dingle Way on the bonnet of the car.

When the motorist finally stopped, Paul claims he was viciously punched in the face.

He said: “It was a horrible situation to be in.

“The police asked me why I got on the car, but I didn’t really have a choice – it was that or go under it. I was caught off-guard and I had to grab onto the windscreen wipers to keep from falling off.”

The driver, who smoked throughout the journey, swerved while driving in an attempt to try and dislodge Paul.

The bartender was taken to hospital afterwards for x-rays to his left jaw, and was eventually diagnosed with muscular trauma.

He said: “I’m not a confrontational person.

“I was so shocked by what happened, and I’ve been struggling to sleep since. The severity of the situation didn’t really hit me until I was in A&E.”

CCTV shows bartender Paul Malin trying to stop the car from 5 minutes and 3 seconds in

Clive Mace, who owns the Grove Tavern, said: “It was just unbelievable. Paul was trying to stop the bloke driving away after he hit his car.

“The man leaned out of his window and told him he was leaving, so Paul stood in front of his car to try and stop him. But he just drove at him.”

Mr Mace added: “He could easily have gone under the car.

“Paul wouldn’t hurt anyone – he’s a lovely bloke and it’s shocked us all.”

A spokesperson from Dorset Police confirmed that no arrests have yet been made, and officers are continuing to investigate.