A DISABLED 85-year-old was left vulnerable to the elements when her roof collapsed and the housing group took more than a week to cover the gaping hole.

The roof of Phyllis Rowley’s flat has been leaking steadily for four months but the ceiling caved in following the recent bad weather showering her home with plaster, dust and rainwater.

Phyllis who lives alone and has no mobility reported the mess on December 28 but Spectrum Housing Group only started repairs on January 4, leaving her with a gaping four ft by three ft hole in her ceiling.

She said: “I was lucky that the roof didn’t collapse when I was under that area as I have no mobility and I use a trolley to get around. There was a terrific mess and three bin bags were filled up with rubble.

“Water has been rushing through the hole and my home has been left open to the elements.

“I’m concerned for my health as the whole place is now damp and all the insulation came down with the roof.”

The great-grandmother originally reported a leak at her home in Trafalgar Court, Mudeford in October and Spectrum Housing carried out a number of repairs in October and November.

Spectrum will be replacing the loft insulation and lounge ceiling on January 9 and in the meantime the gap has been covered to keep the heat in. A spokesperson from Spectrum Housing Group said: We successfully resolved a roof leak at Trafalgar Court which affected an area of the lounge over the Christmas period.

“The resident was offered our guest bedroom facilities at the scheme but she refused this on the basis that she would prefer to stay in her home.”