HUNDREDS of drivers have been stuck in severe traffic jams around Bournemouth’s Castle Lane.

Some reported being stuck in the car park at Royal Bournemouth Hospital for hours as they waited to get onto the main route.

Temporary traffic lights at Barrack Road in Christchurch are thought to have been the cause of the problem earlier. They have since been removed but the backlog of traffic remained, with some drivers queuing on yellow road markings at the hospital junction.

Mike Durham, a voluntary driver from West Moors giving a lift to an elderly patient, said at 6.15pm that he had been stuck in the hospital car park since 3.45pm.

“All the cars are just sitting in the queue. Nothing’s moving,” he said.

“Nobody wants to take ownership of the fact that Castle Lane is blocked. Somebody needs to take control and sort it out.”

Another driver reported moving 100 yards in 20 minutes.

Malcolm Newton, who was bringing his mother-in-law home from a hospital appointment, had moved around 50 yards in two-and-a-half hours when he spoke to the Daily Echo. He said: “It’s been incredibly poorly managed.”