THE proposed closure of Boscombe Crescent has also been met with objections from residents as they voiced concerns that it could lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour.

Chairman of Springbourne Forum, Elaine Findlay, said they objected to the closure of Boscombe Crescent on Christchurch Road, which was ‘buried’ on page 10 of the plans.

She said: “It seems they want to restrict traffic heading north on Walpole Road.

“If that’s the case it’s going to bring a lot more traffic through Springbourne, also there’s just the extra danger of crime.

“If Walpole Road is essentially a dead end because traffic can’t use the Crescent, the drug dealing and the prostitution that goes on in that area will get worse.”

The proposals are still up for further consideration and debate. Councillor Jane Kelly said: “A lot of residents are in favour of blocking off the Crescent, but others have said they are against.

“If it was blocked off it would be to allow for the freer passage for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.”