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Live updates: Dorset on amber alert, severe flood warning for Iford and county braced for coastal flooding

Last updated:

    Environment Agency issue amber storm warning for the county
  • Severe flood warning still in force for the lower Stour at Iford
  • Met Office yellow weather warning for wind and warn of coastal flooding with gusts possibly reaching up to 70mph
  • The Avon Causeway has been closed


Hessenford 8:23am Mon 6 Jan 14
cheeriedriteup wrote: I assume all schools are open ?
Surprisingly enough according to the website they are, mind you teachers have just had a couple of weeks off.
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cheeriedriteup 7:23am Mon 6 Jan 14
I assume all schools are open ?
Score: 0
BmthNewshound 11:24am Mon 6 Jan 14
Thank you to the Echo for keeping everyone informed. The regular updates clearly demonstrating how the use of social media can be a benefit and not just a tool for idle gossip.
Score: 1
Controversial But True 11:30am Mon 6 Jan 14
Maybe a name change to 'High Fjord' Caravan Park is on the cards!!
Score: 0
Arthur Maureen 12:13pm Mon 6 Jan 14
More action shots from Swanage please!!!
Score: 0
O'Reilly 2:23pm Mon 6 Jan 14
Arthur Maureen wrote: More action shots from Swanage please!!!
Are you a bit kinky?
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Fairfran 7:13pm Mon 6 Jan 14
Blandford East Street flood is to do with a failed pump, which normally lifts the water from the brook into the main river, the part for the pump is in Somerset! Police closed the road at 1500 after the idiots driving through floodwater swilled it into East Street properties.
Score: 0
hampreston harriet 7:23pm Mon 6 Jan 14
Am I alone in finding it slightly scary that so many people are completely ignoring Road Closed signs, physically shifting the barriers that have been put there for their own safety? I've just looked out of my window onto the barriers at the Stapehill Road/Ham Lane junction to see that someone has once again moved them, leaving a huge gap for unsuspecting motorists to drive through from Ham Lane into the flood water, which is now about 2 feet deep in Stapehill Road.
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