A CRIMINAL jailed for 30 months after leading police on a high-speed car chase told friends on Facebook he ‘had a result’ with his sentence.

Lee Hepburn, 26, pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing cannabis totalling more than £10,000 with intent to supply, as well as dangerous driving, failing to stop and two counts of driving while disqualified at Bourne-mouth Crown Court in December.

But since being sentenced, he has returned to the social networking site to write to friends from custody.

The father-of-two, a serial offender with a string of driving and drug convictions, was involved in a 70 mile per hour chase through West Howe in which he drove down a footpath before smashing head-on into another car.

The driver of the vehicle, Mrs Windsor, and her two grandchildren aged 13 and 10, suffered whiplash, bruising and severe shock in the collision.

Judge Samuel Wiggs sentenced Hepburn to two-and-a-half years in prison at the court after hearing Hepburn, of Highlands Crescent, had appeared in court on 26 occasions for 87 offences, starting in 2003 when he was 15.

But the same day – December 19 – he took to Facebook to write: “Had a result today got 30 month be out before my lil mans bday [SIC].”

More than 30 people have since ‘liked’ the comment, with one writing underneath: “Brilliant result, can’t believe how nice the judge was.”

And on December 26, Boxing Day, Hepburn wrote: “Happy Christmas everyone I will be out for the next one x.”

Earlier that month, he told friends: “Wish I was there for my baby girl’s party today but you know the saying you do the crime got to do the time.”

In 2007, Hepburn’s mother Lorraine told the Daily Echo that he was being ‘picked on’ by the police.

She spoke out as the then 19-year-old was branded a ‘thorough social nuisance’ and jailed for 12 months after breaking his Asbo for the 15th time.

“How is he supposed to be given a chance?” she asked.

“I don’t know if he is trying to impress people, but he isn’t a nasty person.”