A POOLE woman knocked down by a car as she walked her dog is urging any witnesses to the collision to come forward.

Maggie Russell, 64, was involved in the crash on November 7 last year as she crossed Rossmore Road from Good Road.

She claimed that police were unable to charge the driver with an offence, but that she has been left 'traumatised' by the incident.

However, a Dorset Police spokesperson said the motorist agreed to take a driving course following the collision, and will not be charged with an offence.

Mrs Russell suffered four broken bones in her foot, and spent around a month in plaster.

“The effect this has had on my life has been absolutely huge,” she said. I feel like I’ve lost my confidence. It was so upsetting and frightening for me, and to hear that nothing is being done about this man is such a blow.”

Mrs Russell, of Herbert Avenue, was walking dog Bella at around 5pm when the collision took place.

She said the driver of the car, a man in his fifties, had been sitting at the junction when she started to cross the road.

However, as she approached the broken white lines, he drove towards her on the wrong side of the road and struck her at around five miles per hour.

The vehicle then ran over her foot.

Mrs Russell said: “All I could think about was Bella – she ran off and I couldn’t see where she had gone.

“The man didn’t even call the police. He just stood by his car while I lay sobbing in the road. I’ve been told that he won’t be prosecuted but I just want anyone who saw what happened to come forward to the police.”

A spokesman from Dorset Police said: “This matter has been dealt with by officers, and the appropriate action has now been taken.”