A MAN was asked to delete photos he took outside a Bournemouth primary school as children arrived yesterday morning after worried parents called the police.

Jade Price, 27, was taking her five-year-old son to Moordown St John’s School in Vicarage Road when she spotted the man, who police said was a teacher from the Czech Republic.

She said: “A few people were talking about it and I followed him all around the school.

“I followed him to Tesco and over the road there was a bus stop and he was there.

“I phoned the police and they said they weren’t sure how long they would be.”

She said a man stopped him from getting on the bus.

That man, Matt Raymond, 27, later contacted the Daily Echo.

Jade, who asked not to be pictured, said police showed her photos on the man’s camera.

She added: “There were images of people’s children on the camera.

“A friend of mine said she had witnessed him every morning for the last week.”

Jade, who also has a daughter who has just started at Glenmoor, added: “It’s a worry, like I said to them, especially when you don’t know what images he has – and what’s he doing taking pictures of the school anyway?

“It’s wrong. Everybody was talking about it and not taking any action.”

Matt, of Winton, added: “He was very calm and not concerned and not worried.”

When contacted by the Echo, the school declined to comment.

A police spokesman said officers attended shortly after 9am and spoke to the man, who was aged 51.

“He is staying with a local host family and was taking local photographs of a school prior to returning to the Czech Republic, where he is a school teacher.

“To prevent any concern among parents, he deleted the photos he had taken, and any parents present were updated,” the spokesman added.