A SPECIAL treat for a life-long Beatles fan turned into a party with the Fab Four on the roof of a Bournemouth hotel last weekend.

Nicola Scott from Verwood arranged for her mum, Shirley Scott, to go up on the roof of the former Palace Court Hotel in Westover Road where she was greeted by the sight of her idols.

On the roof of the hotel, which is now the Premier Inn, opposite the Pavilion, Nicola had a bottle of Champagne and a cut-out of the Beatles as well as a soundtrack of their greatest hits.

The timely surprise – it is 50 years since the Beatles first came to town – was even more special to Shirley as her favourite band member was George Harrison, who penned his first Beatles song here after taking to his bed with a heavy cold.

Confined to his room, he wrote Don’t Bother Me which appeared that November on the With the Beatles album.

The Fab Four’s six nights at the Gaumont cinema – now the Odeon – in Westover Road began on Monday, August 19, exactly the same dates as this year.

They were already a major force in pop music, having recently had a number one hit, From Me To You.

Shirley said: “It is exactly 50 years since they were here and this is wonderful. I never got to see them but George was my favourite.

“This is just my daughter being extremely nice and thoughtful. It’s a brilliant surprise. She’s put so much effort into it.

“I was nine when they came to Bournemouth so didn’t get to see them play live but this is great.”

Nicola said: “We’re staying here tonight and in the room I’ve got some lovely photos of the Beatles blown up for Mum from their time here.

“This was the Palace Court Hotel and it means so much to Mum. I just wanted to do something nice for her.

“The hotel was brilliant when I emailed them to suggest it. They were so helpful and immediately wanted to help.”