SOARING pump prices have hit summer drivers in Bournemouth as the price of fuel has crept up during the last three weeks.

The AA confirmed the UK is suffering from another ‘surge’ and called for greater transparency in fuel prices.

Research by the Daily Echo shows savings can still be made by picking the right forecourts across the conurbation.

Drivers and haulage companies have voiced their concerns about the steady increase in the cost of fuel throughout July.

Keith Trickett, owner of Bournemouth-based Haulage company Cole HJ Ltd, said: “The change in petrol prices has an absolutely massive effect, but it is completely out of our control and we get no guidance.

“We ring up each week to find out the petrol prices and they vary by two or three pence every week.”

Michael Hutchins from Poole said: “I do a lot of driving for my job and I have noticed the cost of my journeys increasing. It’s very frustrating.”

David Boyce, 38, from Branksome said: “I’m really careful about which filling stations I go to because the prices can vary significantly.”

There is currently no information centre in the UK which provides details about the upcoming changes in the price of fuel. 

Richard Green said: “I think there should be a website where drivers can see what the prices will be over the next 10 days or so, so they can plan the best time to buy.”

Chairman of Bournemouth Station Taxi Association, Ashley Miller, pictured, said: “My fuel price has gone up by about 3ppl this month, but when it goes up, it goes up, there’s not much you can do about it.”

Shirley Cross, 22, said: “I’ve only just started driving, but I have definitely noticed the prices slowly creeping up over the last month.”

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “Unfortunately we are suffering from another surge in petrol prices because the pound is weak and stock market speculators are pushing up the price of wholesale oil.

“We need more transparency in the market. The simple fact is that drivers in the UK are kept completely in the dark.”

The Branksome Tesco is one of the best value filling stations at 135.9p for unleaded and 139.9p for diesel on July 29.

The Esso in Bath Road was slightly more expensive at 136.9 for unleaded and 140.9 for diesel.

One of the most expensive prices in the Bournemouth area can be found at the BP Spur End service station which sells unleaded at 146.9p and diesel at 149.9p.

Data from shows the average price has steadily increased by around a penny a litre each week for the last month.

The Esso in Holdenhurst Road and Texaco filling station in Charminster Road had identical prices on July 29, with 138.9p for unleaded and 142.9 for diesel.

The UK average for petrol in July is 135.8p, up by 1.2p and the average for diesel is 140.2p up by 1.1p. This is the fourth surge in 15 months according to the AA spokesman.

Mr Bosdet said: “After the price of petrol stabilised at around 134.6p a litre it was perhaps inevitable that fuel market speculators would cast a black cloud over what was promising to be a glorious summer.”