A POOLE parent governor suspended following allegations of sexual harassment has now been reported to the police after launching a Facebook campaign.

Ibrahim Bassiouni, 57, used the social media site to urge pupils to persuade their parents to back his campaign to remove the chairman of governors, Lynn Young.

A parent, who did not want to be named, described targeting students as “outrageous” and headteacher Fan Heafield said she was “deeply concerned” about the “highly unsuitable” messaging.

Mrs Young was unavailable for comment but Mrs Heafield said: “I am deeply concerned that someone in the position of a parent governor should choose to contact students directly through Facebook messaging inviting them to become a ‘friend’ and using language within subsequent messaging which I feel is highly unsuitable for school age children.

“We alerted parents to this situation yesterday (Wednesday) having spoken to the child protection team at Borough of Poole and taken legal advice, as well as reporting the matter to the police. If parents feel concerned about this matter we would advise they complain to the police directly.”

She said that as a parent governor Mr Bassiouni cannot be removed from the board, only suspended for six months.

“He is exercising his right to free speech. However, messaging students seems to be extremely inappropriate to his office as parent governor,” she added.

Mr Bassiouni said he used Facebook as he had no access to parents’ details and said he would continue to protest with leaflet drops and with a billboard outside the school.

“I am glad that Poole High School has reported the matter to the police as I need more exposure to this issue and sincerely hope that the parents will now read this and take action for the sake of their children,” he said.