A TERRIFIED woman was held hostage for hours in a Bournemouth “drug den” during a revenge attack over rent arrears.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard how Zoe Mitchell was bound and gagged after being lured back to her former flat last December.

Prosecutor Simon Foster said Miss Mitchell had left without paying rent at the shared accommodation.

Personal trainer Marc Bird persuaded her to return on December 8. She discovered her room had been “trashed” and angry Victoria Hall took her phone and £30 in cash.

Mr Foster said: “Miss Mitchell was told that her head would be shaved if she went to sleep and her clothes would be burned.

“Mr Bird taped her arms and legs before telling her that her jaw would be broken. She suffered a blow to the face, from Mr Bird.”

The court heard how Hall had “gone mental” and jumped on top of Miss Mitchell, punching her face and head as well as kicking her ribs. Hall taped Miss Mitchell’s arms and legs to a chair. When she screamed she was gagged but another man heard the commotion.

Bird handed himself in the next day and Hall was arrested on December 11. Both pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and assault by beating.

Defending, Tim Dracass said Bird had entered early guilty pleas, adding: “He has displayed genuine remorse.

“At the time he was living a chaotic, hedonistic lifestyle.

“He was addicted to methadrone and hadn’t slept for six days.”

Defending Hall, Robert Griffiths said she had started taking drugs at 13 but managed to wean herself off both prescription and controlled substances.

He stressed: “This was a wake-up call and she is motivated to change.”

Jailing both for 27 months, Judge John Harrow told them: “It is clear that you had a chaotic lifestyle in what seems to have been a drugs den. Zoe owed you money and you were determined to extract it from her.

“This was a terrifying ordeal which is bound to have some lasting effect on her psychologically.”