THE Borough of Poole’s oldest woman sipped champagne yesterday during celebrations to toast her 106th birthday.

Born in Bradford seven years before the outbreak of the First World War, Eve Ward’s colourful life took her across the world before she finally settled in Dorset.

The centenarian’s carers and other residents at Regency Manor in Lower Parkstone joined to mark the memorable milestone at a barbecue held in her honour.

Senior care assistant Rhian Brian said: “Eve is a very sweet lady who loves telling stories; she is very popular.”

Her occupational therapist Margaret Lenon told the Daily Echo: “Despite having had a very traumatic life; Eve likes to reminisce on the good old days.”

Birthday greetings included a card from the Queen and a phone call from Eve’s friend in Australia Marion Drake, who recalled: “My late mother was very friendly with Eve and when I sent a telegram to say mother had died 40 years ago Eve vowed to stay in touch.

“She’s had a very busy life; her father was a wool buyer and Eve worked for the Diplomatic Core in Canberra for seven years.

“During the war years she was a nurse and worked for the Red Cross.

“Eve has kept her fabulous Yorkshire sense of humour.”

Eve’s friend of 25 years, Barbara Suffling, from Parkstone, said: “She can remember her childhood as if it was yesterday.

"She ran the Harbour Heights hotel with a friend during the war; officers were billeted there and that is when she met her husband. I think he was a Major.

“Sadly he died a few years later, they didn’t have any children and she never remarried.

“Eve was very talented; she played piano and wrote several children’s books, a play and a novel based on her life which was never published.

“She made a miraculous recovery after being involved in a serious road accident at the age of 80.

“Eve is still amazing; despite suffering so much loss and tragedy.”