AROUND 2,000 people have signed a petition to put a slide on Bourne-mouth’s Richmond Hill.

The wacky campaign was started on the internet and has seen hordes of supporters join in with the fun idea.

Bournemouth council has joined in with the debate on the slippery concept, suggesting it would need a crash mat in the Square and joking it could be done on the East or West Cliff.

Lola Lo started the petition on the website, with the heading “Bournemouth Council: Please can we close Richmond Hill for a day and install an awesome slide”.

It was sent to the Echo via Twitter by Luke Williams and interest rocketed after the newspaper re-tweeted the link to the petition.

Adam Donovan, who lives on Richmond Hill, wrote his support on the petition website.

He said: “If this slide was in place then there would be no more walking missions, instead a simple slide down to my front door, perfect.”

Hannah Cahill, also from Bournemouth, wrote: “I think it will be a great opportunity for everyone to join together and have lots of fun.”

The image used on the petition shows how it might look.

Jon Weaver, Bournemouth council’s events and marketing manager, left, said it was a “fun and innovative idea”

“Not sure on the location – very fast and steep down Richmond Hill,” he said.

“You would need at least a big crash mat at the end or it might not be the ride you’d hoped.

“A slide on the cliff slopes with a view of our wonderful beaches and the bay could be a better option.”