THE new operators of Bournemouth’s V Club will attempt to gain a new licence next week – and have pledged to formally bar Richard Carr and former operator James Beedham if successful.

A total ban on either of the former operators entering the premises at any time is one of many conditions being proposed by new owner Gary Bennetton, who is hoping to reopen the popular venue.

The proposed conditions also include a ban on Mr Carr, Mr Beedham and any of their respective family members having a financial interest in V Club or being able to work there.

The ban extends to any limited company, partnership or legal entity that they or their relatives have a financial interest in.

V Club has been closed since February, when it was the scene of a serious stabbing incident that left 29-year-old clubber Ben Selby scarred for life.

Its licence was formally revoked in March and the venue has since been transferred from Mr Beedham to Mr Bennetton.

Prior to its closure, the premises was being run as one big “superclub” but it has now reverted back to V Club and Hamptons.

The owners of Hamptons were successful in gaining a licence earlier this month.

However, Dorset Police is objecting to V Club’s new application, which will go before councillors next Tuesday.

Their letter states: “The premises has a reputation and client base that have been shown to cause unacceptable levels of crime and disorder both inside and around the premises.

“The new applicants have not sufficiently addressed how they intend to resolve this particular issue.

Dorset Police have been in negotiation with the applicants over these matters but have as yet not been able to reach any agreement.”

And Bournemouth town centre councillor Dave Smith has also objected.

He said he wanted the venue to be more of a restaurant and added: “Can the new proposed proprietor convince the board that he does not have any connections to the old proprietor who has a history of allowing ‘crime’ to flourish in the premises?”

Mr Carr told the Echo he did not want to make any comment on V Club’s application at this time but said he wished the new operators luck in getting a licence.

Mr Bennetton was unavailable for comment when the Echo tried to contact him yesterday.