A 12-YEAR-OLD is getting her skates on by arranging her own charity event for Cancer Research.

Emily Coleman, who joined her mum at the Race for Life in Bournemouth last year, has now decided to set up her own version for children to raise sponsorship.

Bournemouth Echo:

She is inviting seven to 16-year-olds to get on their skates, skateboards and scooters and get around the running track at Winton Recreation Ground as many times as possible within 60 minutes.

Emily, who has designed a logo for the event, said: “There are lots of children who love to skate, scoot and skateboard and it would be brilliant if we could all get together in aid of a great cause while doing something we really enjoy.

“Also, there is a real shortage of organised events for youngsters who skate”

The Bournemouth School for Girls pupil is holding Sk84life from 10am until noon on Sunday, May 5, at the recreation ground in Fitzharris Avenue.

Her parents Caroline and Simon said Emily wanted to help the charity after two family friends were lost to cancer.

Caroline said: “We’re very proud of her to be doing this at such a young age and thinking of helping people in this way.

“Now she has a real love of skating it all fell into place.”

Ros Fry, Dorset volunteer area manager for Cancer Research UK, urged as many youngsters to get involved as possible.

She said: “I would like to thank Emily and her friends for organising such a great event.”

And Mark Saxby – her former headteacher at St Luke’s Primary School – said Emily has shown “real initiative and perseverance to devise and organise this event.”

Youngsters can download an application form at sk84life.co.uk or call 01202 257597 for more information.

Supporters can also donate at justgiving.com/sk84life