AN episode of Top Gear filmed in Christchurch was criticised by borough councillors, insisting Christchurch was not just full of old people.

Presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were in the historic borough famed for its elderly population, designing a car especially tailored for older people.

The show went out on Sunday night and featured three pensioners from Sunrise Senior Living of Southbourne, in Bournemouth.

Cllr Ray Nottage, leader of the council, questioned at a meeting of the full council on Tuesday, why Christchurch was portrayed as “some sort of extension to a massive old people's home.”

He also invited the cheeky pair to put a councillor in a reasonably priced car.

Addressing the Mayor of Christchurch, Cllr Peter Hall, he said: “If you experienced as I did the BBC presentation of Christchurch on Top Gear on Sunday evening, you as I am sure, would wonder why this dynamic, vibrant community is constantly described as some sort of extension to a massive old people's home.

“So just by way of advice I wonder if you agree with me that our audit and scrutiny committee should call Clarkson and Hammond before them so that they can better appreciate our young people, our dynamic economy, brilliant schools and great community, indeed all the fantastic attributes of this borough in a much more balanced way.

“It could be that we could ask Top Gear to put a councillor in a reasonably priced car.

“I did see that Clarkson had to journey to Bournemouth to find some delightful, and I have to say, elderly ladies and why he did not display his infamous and as he describes aphrodisiac hand brake turn while they luxuriated in the back seat of his vehicle.”

The show saw the car fanatics transform a Fiat Multipla into a car fit for elderly people, painting it the same colour as a hearing aid, installing comfy armchairs in the back, with a cat cage on the roof.

The transformed vehicle was then driven around the borough and up to Westbourne to the bingo hall there as well.