YOUNG bakers across Dorset have created batches of cakes to support charity.

A number of schools across the county took up the challenge by Mosaic to hold a fundraising bake sale on Valentine’s Day.

Proceeds raised from the Daily Echo-backed campaign are to be donated to the charity to support its work with bereaved children, young people and their families.

Schools are often the first point of contact for the charity when it receives a referral of a bereaved child, and Mosaic works with schools to offer advice and training.

Dawn Murray, a teacher at Hamworthy Middle School, said children on the school council were quick to agree to organise a cake sale. She added: “We’ve had quite a lot of bereaved children and because Mosaic offers counselling, quite a few of our children have benefited from one-to-one counselling with them.

“The children were really keen to do it because I think they know how much it helps.”

Mosaic currently rec-eives only statutory funding for the bereavement support it provides to individual children and their families.

Money raised from the bake sales will be used for general running costs and to fund twice yearly residential weekends at Leeson House in Swanage for bereaved children and their families.

To find out more about Mosaic call 01258 837071.