A CAT who suffered life-threatening injuries after being shot with an airgun last year is on the road to recovery.

Rescue moggy Star, who is just one, lost her tail in the attack last year, but survived thanks to the attentions of vets from the PDSA.

Owners Bev Obbard, 45, and Dave Thompson, 47, assumed Star’s injuries had been caused by a road accident before an X-ray revealed the truth.

PDSA senior vet Uwe Holz said: “An X-ray clearly showed up an airgun pellet, which had split in two and lodged in the spine, which was causing the nerve damage.

“It was very touch and go if Star would survive.

“Emergency surgery was carried out to remove the pellet, and then it was a case of wait and see as to how well Star would recover.”

Vets were forced to amputate the cat’s tail as a result of the extensive nerve damage and paralysis caused by the pellet hitting her spine.

Bev, from Wimborne, said Star was confused at first after losing her tail, but has adapted well to the new challenge.

“We thought she was going to lose her back leg after it happened. We had to do physio for some months she was shot,” she said.

“She’s got a knock-kneed walk now, but she’s just as lovely and adorable as ever.”

Bev said they may have been forced to put Star down without the support of the PDSA.

“If we hadn’t have been able to turn to the PDSA, we wouldn’t have been able to get treatment for Star,” she said.

Bournemouth PDSA PetAid hospital provides free veterinary treatment to the sick and injured pets of local people in need.

For more information, or to enquire about eligibility, visit pdsa.org.uk or call 0800 731 502.