ADVENTUROUS Winifred Turner has become the oldest woman in Britain to get a tattoo – at the age of 92.

The nonagenarian has had three tattoos daubed on her arms as a memorial to her late husband Jim and to mark her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Winifred has had hers and Jim's initials intertwined inside two hearts on her right forearm along with the words ‘miss you, Win’ and the date he died on her left.

She also has a bracelet adorned with the first initial of each great-grandchild and two of her grandchildren on her right wrist, which spell out the word ‘GRANA’.

The pensioner, a keen churchgoer until ill-health stopped from her from attending, was inspired to get a tattoo after grandson, Alex Dixon, began accumulating body art.

She saw it as the perfect way to commemorate Jim, who died aged 89 three years ago.

Winifred, a retired cleaning manager from West Moors, said: “I hadn’t thought about it before but Alex came in with his tattoos one day and I thought I would like to have one done.

“I was sat in the conservatory and drew two hearts on a piece of paper and Alex said ‘you could have that as a tattoo.’ “He showed the tattooist and then I went in to get it done. He told me I was 30 years older than the oldest person he had ever tattooed.

“I now have three tattoos and I think I could get carried away with it. There’s no pain in my opinion.”

Winifred, who walks with the aid of a stick, and Jim were married for 69 years before he died from a stroke in April 2010.

She has spent about £150 on tattoos so far and is already planning her next piece.

Alex, 30, a photographer, said: “I think it's amazing that my grandmother has tattoos and I'm proud of her.”

Rob ‘Spider’ Ridland, 27, at Urban Image Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth, said: “When she came in I was a bit shocked. She isn't your average customer, but I was more than happy to do it if that's what she wanted.”