DRIVERS have noticed petrol prices creeping up around a penny a litre for each of the last few weeks at some garages.

And research by the Daily Echo shows savings can still be made by picking the right forecourts across the conurbation.

Among the cheaper petrol stations on Tuesday, February 5 were those in competition with the  garage at Asda in Canford Heath, which often beats many of the stations on price in the area.

The Asda garage was selling unleaded for 132.7 pence per litre and diesel at 139.7.

Among the most expensive in the area again is the BP at Castle Lane West at 144.9 pence per litre of unleaded petrol and 149.9 for diesel. A little further down castle lane the Tesco garage is 133.9 for unleaded and 142.9 for diesel.

Edmund King, AA spokesman, confirmed prices are “creeping up across the board”.

He warned drivers in Bournemouth in Poole to be wary of always expecting diesel to last longer when driving in built up areas.

He said: “There is still a big difference in prices between unleaded petrol and diesel.

“Diesel is still quite a bit more expensive so we get drivers asking why that differential does not close.

“If you are doing high mileage you do get more to the gallon out of diesel but if you are doing lower mileage around Bournemouth and Poole it works out cheaper to buy a petrol car as they cost less to buy.

“And people think diesel is more fuel efficient but it really depends on the driving.”

The Esso on Ashley Road in Poole was close at 132.9 for unleaded and 138.9 for diesel, while the Esso nearby on Ringwood Road was the same for unleaded and one pence more for diesel.

The Tesco garage at Branksome was 133.9 for unleaded and 140.9 for diesel.

Shell on Bournemouth Road in Poole was selling unleaded for 134.9 and diesel for 141.9.