TWO students are taking to the airwaves on major radio stations.

Alfie Butler has gained work experience with Absolute Radio in London, while Pete Simmons has won a three-month stint at Radio 1.

The two, both 19, are taking the foundation degree in radio production at the Bournemouth and Poole College in Poole.

Alfie, from Stanfield Road, Winton, applied to Absolute via the station’s website.

“I’m so looking forward to it,” she said.

“I’ll be doing all sorts of things like working with assistant producers, interviewing complete strangers on the street and helping make commercials.”

Pete, from Wycliffe road, Winton, was one of only 40 people to win a paid internship at Radio 1 after 8,000 applied. He had to undertake a five-hour interview process.

He said confidence was one of the main qualities he was gaining from the college.

“To be honest, I didn’t do very well at school,” he said.

“But when I got to college I saw how motivated everyone was and knew I really had to up my game.

“There’s lots of competition for the best jobs out there but the course has really boosted my confidence and got me working hard towards radio.”

He has attended Radio 1’s legendary ‘secret playlist meeting’ where decisions on what the station plays can make or break recording artists.

“They’ve never let an outsider in before, but I got special permission, which is fantastic,” said Pete.

He will be mentored by presenter Aled Jones, formerly of the Chris Moyles Show.