A FATHER and daughter had a lucky escape after a tree and telegraph pole smashed into their vehicle in Poole this morning.

Nick Holmes was driving his daughter Bethany, 15, to the bus stop in Penn Hill around 7.20am when the terrifying incident took place in Branksome Park.

The pair were just seconds out of their drive when Nick, not seeing the fallen silver birch, drove straight into its branches in Western Avenue.

Moments later a telegraph pole hit the Land Rover Defender.

Despite significant damage to the vehicle, including a smashed windscreen and damaged roof, the pair were unhurt, although both shaken.

Nick said: “I drive this route every day. There was a Winnebago parked at the side of the road in Western Avenue, I drove past it and suddenly saw there was a tree hanging off the back of the Winnebago.

“I just didn't see it until that moment. I hit the branches and told my daughter to duck as I didn't want her to get hurt. There was a telegraph pole across the roof, which we hit as well.

“The tree branches hit the car and blinded us and then there was a God almighty thump.

“As I went through the branches it must have pulled the telegraph pole, which hit the roof of the car.

“If I'd been in another vehicle I dread to think what might have happened.

“Thankfully my daughter wasn't injured but obviously very shaken up by the whole thing. She hasn't gone to school.”

BT engineers and tree specialists from Poole Borough Council were on the scene dealing with the aftermath this morning.

The road was closed to allow the 20ft tree to be removed and the cables to be made safe.

An arborologist from Poole Council said both the tree and telegraph pole were rotten.

Western Avenue is now open to traffic.