THE firm behind the controversial wind farm planned for off the Dorset coast has revealed a 3D model that it hopes will sway public opinion.

Navitus Bay Development Limited came in for criticism during its previous consultations last year for the lack of quality and detail in its mock-ups of what the park would look like, and for only showing the lower end of the proposed number of turbines.

This morning the firm unveiled the interactive model, which will allow people to view the proposed farm from anywhere between Lymington and Durlston, and view different sizes and numbers of turbines.

However, opposition group Challenge Navitus is still questioning the still image visualisations that NBDL has produced in the wake of scaling back its plans before Christmas.

The third round of public exhibitions begins on Friday in West Moors, before heading to Bournemouth on Saturday.

Bournemouth Echo: What NBDL says the park will look like from Bournemouth Pier

Challenge Navitus has also produced new videos on its website. It follows the changes to the scheme, which saw the park moved further out to sea and reduced the maximum number of turbines to 218 from 333, which Challenge Navitus described as ‘minor’.

Dr Andrew Langley, a scientist in mathematical modelling, who computed the latest visualisations and is a founder of Challenge Navitus, said: “The changes did little to reduce the visual impact of this scheme.”

But this morning project director Mike Unsworth - listen to the full interview below - said NBDL had to stick with the industry standards, but would adapt if they changed.

He said: “We have carefully listened to what the local community have said during previous phases of consultation and have gone the extra mile to help people really understand what the potential visual impact of the wind park could be.”