AFC Bournemouth player Steve Cook has taken the witness stand at the Old Bailey to deny sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman.

Cook, 21, pictured right, is on trial alongside his former Brighton and Hove Albion teammates Anton Rodgers, 20, George Barker, 21, and Lewis Dunk, 21.

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All deny sexual assault and voyeurism. Another footballer Leon Redwood admitted in court being the person who sprayed the woman’s thigh with the initials GB in shaving foam.

The prosecution alleges the players humiliated the drunken woman at the Jury’s Inn Hotel in Brighton in July, 2011, for sexual gratification.

A photograph of Barker making a thumbs-up sign near the foamed thigh was later recovered by police on a mobile phone.

However, Redwood told the court: “The intention was just to have fun.

“I think she was sleeping but not sleeping. She was in and out.”

Cook later took the witness stand and said: “I didn’t see who took photographs. I didn’t take them.”