The Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill has unveiled his draft Police and Crime Plan for Dorset.

It sets out the Dorset Force priorities for the next five years. The report will now be put to the Police and Crime Panel and go out for public consultation.

Mr Underhill says his core objectives are to cut crime and keep the public safe, while creating a more visible force with the recruitment of 250 Special Constables. The report also focuses on his pledge to listen to the public and give victims more say on how offenders are dealt with.

The report includes six priorities. They are to reduce the number of victims of crime, reduce the number of people seriously harmed; to protect the public from serious threats; reduce reoffending; increase people's satisfaction in policing and to support Neighbourhood Policing.

Mr Underhill said: “My vision is for a Dorset where people feel safe, both at home and in the community. I want to see people working together to prevent crime. We need to reduce the number of victims but for those who do become victims, we need to support them every step of the way”

“A key focus of my manifesto was to protect some of the most vulnerable in our communities. Victims of crime, young and elderly people need our reassurance that they will be protected”

"In essence I want a Dorset where people feel safe in their homes and communities”.

“We are living in difficult times economically and Dorset Police has taken its share of cuts. However, it is my priority to maintain an efficient and effective force which understands and responds to the needs of the community”

“I have set clear priorities for the Chief Constable and I will hold her to account for their delivery.”

“I want to create a more visible force which operates in the heart of the community, fighting crime and providing reassurance to communities.”

The plan has been drawn up in consultation with the Force, the public, partners, stakeholders and victims.

In developing his plan, Martyn Underhill consulted with Acting Chief Constable Debbie Simpson.

Local residents are also being asked to play a bigger part in setting policing priorities. Mr Underhill is planning to hold Victim and PCC Forums, Surgeries and online surveys. The first Forum will take place in Shaftesbury on 22 March.

The PCC has pledged to develop key areas:

  1. A Victim Bureau for Dorset Police where victims are supported through the journey by a single point of contact. This is being done in partnership with Victim Support and other Criminal Justice agencies.
  2.  A pledge to introduce Clare's Law in Dorset. This allows people to check if their partner has a violent past. Mr Underhill has written to the Home Secretary asking her to consider Dorset as a pilot.
  3.  A more visible force. 250 special constables and volunteers will be recruited by 2015. 
  4.  All incidents of Vehicle Crime are now being attended by the Police.


Top threats identified by the Force include anti-social behaviour, domestic violence serious sexual offences, alcohol related violence and dwelling burglary. These have been recognised and will be reflected in the priorities of the Community Safety Partnerships for 2013/14.

With regard to regional and national threats, Mr Underhill wants to ensure that Dorset Police maintains the capacity to have trained Police Support Units available for deployment.

Mr Underhill will be formally presenting his plan to members of the Police and Crime Panel on 7 February along with his proposals for the Police Budget.

To read the plan in full click here