CAMPAIGNERS took to the streets of Bournemouth in summery shorts and T-shirts to raise awareness of how global warming is affecting weather patterns.

They were taking part in a national campaign organised by Climate Revolution, founded by fashion designer Viv-ienne Westwood, and high street store Lush, where they work.

As well as raising awareness with a banner and their unseasonal get-up, the group have been getting people to sign a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint, with more than 400 people signing up since the campaign started on January 1.

Laura Perkins, 26, store manager at Lush in Old Christchurch Road, said: “We have certainly been getting some funny looks in this get-up, and it is freezing when you’re wearing shorts, but the message we’re trying to get across is that there is a reason the weather is going crazy at the moment.

“Most of the people we have spoken to so far have agreed that the weather is all over the place.

“Global warming is happening, and we have got to make a stand about it now.

“If we all do a little something, all of that adds up and makes a difference.

“Everyone in the store has made a pledge to give something up or do something a better way – for instance I will only use reusable bags for my shopping.

“Anyone who signs up to Climate Revolution gets advice on cutting their carbon footprint and being more eco-friendly, as well as a badge.”