A COUPLE convicted of stabbing their noisy neighbour to death in a frenzied attack have been jailed for a total of 30 years.

Tracy Ann Mansell and James Kinsley were yesterday found guilty of brutally killing 44-year-old Angelo Rodrigues in his flat in Coleman Road, West Howe, following an ongoing neighbourhood dispute about noise.

Both Mansell and Kinsley were this morning jailed for life following a two-week trial at Winchester Crown Court.

Judge Mr Justice Stephen Males told Mansell, 56, of Coleman Road, that she would spend 16 years in prison before being considered for parole.

Kinsley, 40, of Hinton Road, Bournemouth, was jailed for a minimum of 14 years.

The court had heard that Mansell stabbed neighbour Mr Rodrigues around 20 times with a broken pair of scissors after getting into a rage about noise coming from his flat.

One of the wounds severed a major artery in Mr Rodrigues’ leg and he bled to death.

Boyfriend Kinsley, 40, of Hinton Road, Bournemouth, sat astride Mr Rodrigues and pinned his arms down during the attack before assaulting him.

During sentencing Mr Justice Males said: “This was a long-standing feud between Tracy Mansell and Angelo Rodrigues. It is clear from the evidence that he was a difficult and disturbed neighbour. He would drink and would take drugs and his antisocial behaviour would include talking and swearing loudly to himself and at Tracy Mansell and dropping items from his balcony onto the patio of Tracy Mansell’s flat.

“He had carried out frequent sustained verbal abuse of Tracy Mansell, including calling her a whore and using other similar terms, for several years.”

Sentencing Mansell, Mr Justice Males said: “I am satisfied that his antisocial behaviour and verbally abusive behaviour over a long period of time had caused you considerable upset and caused you stress, frustration and misery.

“None of this comes close to justifying or excusing what you did.

“Whatever his faults, and whatever the reason for his own sad life, Angelo Rodrigues was a fellow human being and it’s a terrible thing to take a precious life as you did.”

He said he had taken into account the fact Mansell was known to have suffered from an emotionally unstable personality disorder which made her hyper-sensitive to noise.

Sentencing Kinsley, Mr Justice Males said: “You chose to join in on the attack, rather than pull Tracy Mansell away at the top of the stairs.

“Without the part you played, Angelo Rodrigues would not have died.”

Speaking outside court, Angelo’s brother Fernando said: “The judge was fair and Angelo can now rest in peace. They have got the two right people and the streets are a lot safer now.

“Neither defendant showed any remorse and they didn’t apologise – they are very dangerous people.”