ANGELO Rodrigues’ brothers have spoken of the “barbaric attack” that claimed his life.

Fernando, 43, and Jose, 49, said they were devastated when they heard the news about Angelo, 10 months after the death of their father Francisco.

Fernando said: “I was shocked. It was a barbaric attack – he had over 20 stab wounds and injuries to his face and head.

“We identified him three days after he died and when the curtains opened, I recognised him straight away. It was horrible as his left side was all damaged.”

Angelo was born on the Portuguese island of Madeira and grew up in Funchal with his five brothers Paul, Jose, Joel, David and Fernando.

Fernando, Jose and Angelo moved to England around 20 years ago.

Angelo worked as a kitchen assistant at the Sandbanks Hotel. He also studied an English course at the Anglo Continental College in Charminster with Jose.

Fernando said soon after, Angelo fell in with the wrong crowd and did not work again. He eventually moved to Coleman Road in West Howe.

Speaking of Angelo, Fernando said: “He was very strong, very handsome. But he was shy and timid and began drinking a lot.”

He added: “Angelo, Tracy and Kinsley were all drug addicts and alcoholics but there was no need for this to have happened. It is three wasted lives at the end of the day – it’s just tragic.

“Angelo is in a better place now because drugs and alcohol can’t hurt him anymore.”

Fernando said he attended every day of the trial out of love for his brother. “I felt a responsibility to come and because my mother asked me. It has been a difficult few years for her but she is a strong lady and has a good network,” he said.

“The police have done a very good job and have been excellent.”

Speaking about Kinsley and Mansell, Fernando said: “I don’t believe in hate. They had no need to do what they did. They went to Angelo’s flat with weapons and with the intention to use them.

“The defendants have a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and that was the real cause of this crime.

“We all have bad neighbours who can be noisy but you call the police if there is a problem, you don’t take it into your own hands. The situation there just got worse and boiled up.”

Jose, a former hotel worker living in Branksome, said: “I used to drink with Angelo in his flat with Tracy Mansell and James Kinsley and everything was OK but in the last three years something went badly wrong.”

He added: “I wish I could have done more for him. He came here for a better life, to work and meet someone and get married but he never went through that.”

DC Andy Shah, Dorset Police family liaison officer, said: “The family are very pleased with the investigation and, as far as we are concerned, they couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”