EAST Dorset District councillors have said they are committed to keep bus travel free for over-60s and disabled people.

The council’s resources committee have unanimously approved the renewal of all-day travel for these concessionary bus passes until at least October 2016.

Although the national scheme limits concessionary bus travel to start after 9.30am, East Dorset residents have been allowed to also travel before 9.30am with their bus passes.

This arrangement was due to end in April, but the vote will make sure the pass is valid all day.

The cost of the all-day scheme is estimated at around £36,000 per year, but dropping it would have meant paying £27,000 for replacement bus passes.

A spokesperson from the district council said: “The net cost of continuing it is therefore only £9,000 for 2013/14.”

Resources committee chairman Alex Clarke said: “I am very pleased with the decision as it enables the over-60s and disabled to use the bus services to the full.”

The recommendations from the committee will be received for ratification by the meeting of the full council on February 25.