A YOUNG girl had to be rescued from her mum's car after it got stuck on a flooded road near Christchurch.

Firefighters came to the rescue of the woman and her ten-year-old daughter near Bransgore yesterday.

Amanda Deadman and daughter Kira needed help from the emergency services after getting stuck on Derritt Lane after a large stretch of the road was submerged in around a foot of water.

Their car became wedged against the side of the road as water began seeping in through the doors.

Although the mother was able to get out safely, a firefighter carried the ten-year-old back to dry land.

The road was closed after the rescue because of fears it had become too dangerous.

An onlooker said: “The car was off the road slightly, so it was at a funny angle when it got stuck.

“The road twists there, so it's quite easy to get stuck.

“It's dangerous because you can't really tell where the verge is, and if a car comes the other way and you pull over it's very easy to go into a ditch.”