PARENTS are being reminded to take care when dropping off and picking their children up from school.

Christchurch Borough Council and Dorset Police have joined forces with schools throughout the borough to raise awareness of parking regulations outside schools.

The campaign aims to remind drivers not to park within the yellow zig zags as well as about the dangers of parking on pavements or too close to junctions.

Andy Jones, senior neighbourhood management officer at Christchurch council, added: “Most parents know how important parking restrictions outside schools are, but there are some who flout the rules, perhaps because they’re running late or don’t see any problem with stopping for a couple of seconds.

“Unfortunately, those couple of seconds could cost a life.”

Louise Buxton, headteacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, said: “We are working alongside Christ-church council and the local police during this school parking campaign to try to address the issue of illegal parking.

“It is not just the lack of courtesy to our neighbours but the basic safety of our children that can be compromised by thoughtless parking.

“A parent would never forgive themself if something were to happen to a child.”

The campaign involves talking to drivers and handing out leaflets to remind them about the safety message.