A BAILIFF’S forfeiture notice has been pasted on the windows of closed Poole sports bar, Dundees.

Poole Quay’s largest bar unexpectedly closed its doors in November, shortly before an advertised night with Hollyoaks heartthrob Danny Mac.

The official notice from Lancashire-based Parkinson Bailiff Services said it was acting on behalf of landlord UK Realty Ltd and had gone into the premises and terminated the lease.

It warned that any attempt to enter the premises would result in criminal/civil proceedings being taken.

The bar was last open during the weekend of November 24/25.

When it was up and running it had not been unusual for it to be closed during the first part of the week and only open towards the weekend, at this time of year.

At the time a spokesman for the company said: “With things being so quiet during the winter months it makes sense to close and re-open hopefully when tourists and local residents are back down there enjoying the pleasures of the quay.”

The sports bar was run by Bournemouth nightclub boss Jim Beedham.

Last October five businesses run by him faced liquidation with a list of creditors including Bournemouth Borough Council and water companies and unpaid VAT.

Poole businessman Richard Carr had been acting as a consultant for Mr Beedham’s V Club and brokered a sponsorship deal between Dundees and Poole Town FC last August to celebrate the start of the football season.

“My consultancy agreement has ended,” said Richard Carr.

“I would imagine that the landlord will come to some sort of agreement at some stage.

“That’s for other people to sort out, not me.”

The bailiffs would not comment and neither the landlord nor Mr Beedham could be reached.